donderdag, juli 05, 2007

invite to hub tonight!


A new venue for social and sustainable innovators is coming to Rotterdam: The Hub.
An inspiring and professional space to work, experiment, meet, create and play.

Are you a social innovator, sustainable entrepreneur or out-of-the box inventor? Then come on July 5 between 5 and 9 pm to the Heemraadssingel 221 in Rotterdam and become familiar with The Hub: what is the concept and how does it work in other countries? There will be drinks, snacks, brochures and many kindred spirits to meet.

Together, and with your input we want to turn The Hub in Rotterdam into a habitat where you would like to be. We are curious about your ideas for the Hub and would like to get in touch with you and other innovators who want to realise initiatives for a better world.

You can help us by sending this invite to those in your network who should also know about The Hub. Please let us know by short reply if you are joining us. If you’d like to be informed please let us know as well.

We hope to welcome you on the 5th!

The Hub Rotterdam team,

Catalina, Laura, Marieke, Moraan and Ximena

About The Hub

The Hub is a growing network of incubators for social innovation in major world cities. Hubs exist to inspire and support social innovators to realise imaginative initiatives for a radically better world. At The Hub you are offered membership of an inspirational habitat for innovators from different sectors, disciplines and backgrounds to work, meet, learn and connect.

The Hub is a place for making things happen. All the tools and trimmings needed to cultivate an idea, launch a project, host a meeting and run a business. From other Hubs across the world we have learned that social innovators need access to affordable spaces, resources and market-facing opportunities to thrive: knowledge, capital and networks.

At The Hub you can find channels to such resources and opportunities, both on a global and a local level. See the website for more information:

Since every city has it's own individual character Hubs are never the same. We want to bring the lessons and models of what The Hub network has generated so far and combine that with the best of what Rotterdam and The Netherlands have to offer.

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