dinsdag, juni 26, 2007

expert @ xlx in association with cmo stimulans and albeda

i have been an expert for the entrepreneural simulation game called xlx (Xpert Learning Xperience part of BViT) for a few weeks now. but this was the first time that the purpose of a XLX game was very close to my heart as a social entrepreneur and cofounder of the Lotsov Skills Centre: young moms.

cmo stimulans organised this XLX in association with a school called albeda we 'played' the game with over 14 young moms in order to discover for that being a mom still gives them a great opportunity to create a career themselves. so during the game they came up with a new clever fashionstore-concept, a new super/ mini-market and a true DAYcare (from 06.00-20.00hr) facillity.

i became very enthusiastic and told them that if they are serious and want to start their own business that maybe we can look into it an provide them with a micro credit.

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