zondag, juni 24, 2007

23rd of june: enviu day talking about a sustainable incubator!

Because of my involvement with the only privately held incubator BViT (we are trying to set up a Lotsov Skills Centre @ Heijplaat together in association with the city of Rotterdam) I was recently invited for an enviu day. previous i couldn't attend because of other engagements. I was feeling a bit sick but after taking 2 aspirines and enough water I was ready to see how enviu is transforming its own new office location at pannekoekstraat 100 in rotterdam, into a meeting point for sustainability and entrepreneurship. together with 25 enthusiastic participants we were asked to think 'out of the box' when it comes to creating a place where creative, sustainable and entrepreneurial networks can connect, learn and create.

after a while we had a break. during the break toon buddingh' co-founder of BViT innovation network told us very quick & dirty about what it takes to set up a real sustainable incubator. and he sure can tell after being awarded several prizes @ different european benchmarks!

and then.... the fever kicked in. again! so I left heading for my bed :(

want to know more? check this link for the full report.

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