vrijdag, juli 06, 2007

a new pan european creative platform, called cre8tive buddies went live

today, on the 4th of July (independence day) the brand new pan-european creative platform / community called: http://www.cre8ive-buddies.com went online!

it’s an open to every creative website to profile his or her work and person. best of all: it’s free of charges!
in the ‘about us’ pages you can read all about us and see our buddies come alive. (they are already called 'super cute')
they haven’t realised all of their intentions yet, for they only just started, but the core is stimulating creativity anyway possible as well as having creatives from all disciplines and countries join forces and share knowledge.
in short... cre8tive buddies wants to realize interesting cross-overs and come to renewed creative concepts through corporation.

if you have remarks... tell my dear friend hjarald, if you like it... tell your friends!

on behalf of the founders of cre8tive buddies i would really appreciate it if you’ll take a look at the site and hope you’ll like it enough to join.
you can also help by forwarding this blogpost/link to other creatives, of whom you consider this to be of interest too, just like i'll hope they will again forward it to their friends.
the site deserves it to get known and i honestly think the site has a lot to offer to the creative community.

thanx in advance!

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