maandag, mei 14, 2007

the art of pitching. my dragon's den experience

today i received quite a few ractions on my appearance @ de dutch dragon's den tv show and the posts on this @ both and here @ most of them where comforting. just for the record: the pitch people can see is not the actual pitch. this is the editors version whit a lot of exta's which wasn't part of the pitch at all!

but it proves my point that there is such a thing as 'the art of pitchin'. when everything is right. you even can have a very thin businessproposal and still get someone interested to invest in it....

see for an example the ladies of wuzz (enabling teens to sell their self created ringtones and wallpapers via their onw webshop @ wuzz). with a good presentation and not that great idea (i think that no youngster actually wants to pay for a dodgy ringtone. they chip in a few quit order and shar the ringtone via bluetooth and sms ;) ) they even had to fight the dragon's of.

if you really want to learn about how to pitch have a look at some websites or follow a training ( i know for a fact that sylvie van tilburg of the incompany trainer and harro willemsen of present presents provide such a training)

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