dinsdag, februari 27, 2007

service. not just a concept! it still excists!

just finished a brainstorm with eric dingemans, steven kraal and floris wagenaar. we were discussing the idea for a new shopping search service kinda thingie.

because of the different cities we are living we chose to meetup @ 't hoogt in utrecht. a nice comfy movietheatre and café!

i was a little early and wanted to check my mail.
hmmmm, no free wifi :( but after my question of the available internetconnections and tariffs they suggested me to sit in 1 of the corners of the café where they know you can pick up a bit of wifi.
and indeed! free wifi! how glad one can be with just 2 bars of signal ;D


by the way can someone @ fon plz give them a proper ap and connection ;) ?

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