maandag, februari 26, 2007

orange flagship store

today i had several meetings @ orange flagship store (link via plazes). the orange flagship store is the first of, i hope many more.
a great combination of business and lounging pleasure. they serve great coffee and have free wifi!
in a little while they'll reconstruct the place making it more convenient for businesspeople to organise out of the box meetings like i do regurarly with youngsters.

and when i get a little tired i can relax @ 1 of the many couches in the little wohnzimmers they created!

when a had a chat with mark (who's doing a terrific job on running the place :) ) 'cause he had seen me before meeting youngsters setting up projects with them using the orange flagshipstore as our lotsov headquarters, he instantly suggested to organise some venues for bands and rappers. the deal is simple: youngster will have a great place and platform to perform and he & orange have an opportunity to show how cool they are and draw some attention to the place. a reat example of a win-win situation!

have a look @ the place thru' this link. i placed some pics @ you can check them out here

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