zaterdag, november 24, 2007

BViT in THE dutch entrepreneurs magazine sprout

i am sooooo proud! 'cause we're as the BViT incubator are in THE dutch entrepreneurs magazine called sprout.
the article tells the story how BViT competes with 'the attic' or 'the garage' as being an entrepreneurial spirited environment.

in holland we're not so good in recognising our true talent. lately only the dutch media (quote @ sprout catches on with articles on dutch companies being 1 of the world's best companies. and the BViT incubator as 1 of the top 3 incubators of the world!

personally i think it's rather funny that as a intern-turned-into-clustermanager and nicknamed 'mister orange' (among others) made it (in text) to the cover of sprout joined by the other mister orange aka mister easy aka just stelios founder of easyGroup.
talking about being in good company!

the other good news:
not only are we gaining more and more recogintion, being one of the oldest privatly funded (cluster / business) incubators. we also being nominated for an increasing amount of business awards. on the 30th of november we hear if we are awarded with the best incubator of the world award (hosted by the science alliance)!

so yes i am very confindent that i made the right choice with the BViT incubator formual being the basis for lotsov inc / cleantech incubator (i'm trying to pull off the ground in association with the rotterdam climate initiative) @ (rotterdam) heijplaat!

i'll keep you posted!


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