donderdag, augustus 16, 2007

internship @ bvit innovationnetwork 1 of the most successful incubators of the world

although it's summer that doesn't mean that i'm able to enjoy a break ;-)
too much great opportunities are being thrown into my lap :-D

a week ago i started @ bvit innovationnetwork crossmedia, 1 of the 3 most succesful incubators in the world (who could have thought that i would do an internship @ the age of 30 ;-) i sure didn't)

the reason? i want to learn the trick how to run an incubator myself.

early 2008 i hope to open a sustainable and social incubator @ heijplaat (rotterdam). social because of the fact that we (as lotsov) try to incubate personal talent/skills and sustainable. well i think that is obvious ;-)

the city of rotterdam has the ambition to become the capital of renewable energy. in order to achive that you need entrepreneurs and energetic people to take part in that challenge.

so we want want to facilitate them not just with cheap officespace but with a complete programme! (co)create a real hotspot with a package of energy, inspiration, networkers, engagement, (en)courage(ment), (social ) capital, knowledge, likeminded people, etc!

so when pim de bokx and toon buddingh'of bvit asked me if i felt something for being an intern i didn't need much time to think. YES PLEASE!

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