zondag, augustus 26, 2007

froodi.com the new iPodia!

a little while ago came up with the idea of starting a podcasting
portal called iPodia as a combination of both a social media consuming, publishing, enjoying and sharing community.

(iPodia the name says it all: i pod (as in to pod), iPod, podium, my personal podium, more than 1 podium, etc.)

i started iPodia it with several podcasting enthusiasts.
but after some period as iPodia started to develop, greed took over. a very good
reason for me to pull the plug and put the site on stand by!

but when i started @ one of the world's most successful incubators called bvit (in the hague netherlands) and had a chat with rogier hof i instantly felt a warm feeling when he started telling 'bout why he began froodi and what is vision is about podcasting, personal profiling, etc. i had a deja vu!

so why stubborn like a mule and try to start all over again and why not hand it over to someone dedicated to the business? so iPodia as of form now on iPodia will be redirected to froodi.com

here's to froodi the new iPodia!

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