dinsdag, juni 16, 2009

postive economy 2009 @ brussels, belgium

after being sick for a few days - clearly the crisis has it's effect @ the quality of the food / ingredients :-(

today was the 1st day out of bed. and what a day it was.
i was 1 of the guest speakers @ positive economy forum held in brussels, belgium

great line up, great audience, NO wifi and / but a nice way of building a more and broader international network (like minister magnette of sustainable development of belgium)

(i'll post a few pics later via twitter.com/edgarneo / mobypicture. i think)

i wasn't the only one from holland.
i found myself in good company with the lovely people of valid people (part of the vast growing valid empire) nicolette mak and arrad eshel

want to know more about the conference or what you can do yourself creating a more social, sustainable and positive economy you should check the site with backchannel:

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