zaterdag, september 29, 2007

job ten bosch and lars duursma of debatrix in nrc handelsblad with an 'how to' on geert wilders

today i had a meeting with job ten bosch from debatrix (here with nard buijs) @ the urban espresso bar in the heart of rotterdam. it was fun! and i had the pleasure to see his face when i could get his hands on the nrc newspaper of today.
he and his fellow associate lars duursma are featured in a (weekly) column in the nrc. nrc is 1 of holland's biggest newspaper. they kicked off with a 'how to'. the how to is on how to react on somebody like geert wilders and the anti-islamic view of this dutch politician. i'm very curious on what topic there next 1 is....

(available only in dutch i'm afraid)

ps: yes that is fatima moreiro de melo in behind nard ;) )

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