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Freedom Management by Chantal Klaver 3SSb

Xingrclogo vandaag kreeg ik een mailtje van chantal klaver van 3ssb, een waanzinnig mooi stuk! een mooier compliment kun je als organisator niet krijgen. ik wilde dat ik 1% van haar schrijverstalent had ;)

het is in het engels maar ik wilde jullie het niet onthouden!



Freedom Management by Chantal Klaver (3SSB)

Rain was sadly dropping from the trees. The 26th of July. You would have expected better weather. Especially because it was the kick of for Summer Carnival in Rotterdam. Privileged of being invited to the Xing Rotterdam Community summer meeting, I went happily to see old contacts again. But who could have guessed this evening would be a turning point in my life…

The old contacts were there, of course. But at a Xing meeting, in the environment of the Maas Beach, sensual music and beautiful people, the unexpected could be expected. What’s a beach party (even a network Beach Party) without a matching feeling. So drop off the high heels and turn on you flip flops to make it a night to remember.

Dancing, a glass of wine, chit chatting about what keeps you busy, a lot of laughs and a midnight Suriname snack. This was more of a party then a serious network meeting. Nevertheless, it turned out I didn’t need to have a serious surrounding to start a business wise serious relationship. Common interests and the agreement to meet each other again turned out to be the kick off for not only cooperative projects, but also a meaningful personal change.

After thanking him for spamming, Edgar was the first to meet again. A bit uptight and curious about what to come, I went for a joined dinner. Impressive and seeing right through her, he made me somehow nervous. How can someone – anyone – make another person feel comfortable and nervous in a heartbeat?

I am always desperate in charge of my feelings. Business and personal were supposed to be two separate worlds. After some meltdowns, I was convinced that mixing it up would cause major problems. It wasn’t easy to change my mind, but somehow Edgar managed to open my mind for some kind of mix. And introduced me to people worth mixing.

The second one in line was Cornelis. Passionate about diving and sailing, he made a career out of it. His goal in life, for everyone to be perfectly happy. He truly inspired me with his way of thinking. He wants to be near people he loves and care about, people he can trust. Cornelis also felt no need at all to separate professional and private life, on the contrary. He’d rather worked with people he liked to have in his personal life as well. So he decided to invite a group of trainers to show them another way of training.

Marvin was the third impressing man I got to know better because of the Xing meeting, also a trainer. Busy as hell, but never too busy to make time for you. As a person he’s interested in other human beings. His heart in the right place, working hard and enjoying life at its fullest. Therefore, he was invited for the trip to Turkey.

And what kind of a trip. Business and change workshops would be excellent on a sailing or training ship. A training on a ship turns out to be a perfect surrounding to support and strengthen upcoming changes in groups, equip them with new professional skills, and develop a new dynamic community for ongoing activities. And I can’t think of very many other beautiful and perfect settings besides Turkey.

The trip to Turkey was amazing. The content was superior, but nevertheless undermined by the spirit of the participants. The process on a ship is amazing. I already told Cornelis about my study “Vrijetijdsmanagement” (Leisure Management). However, introducing me to the other participants he translated it as Freedom management. I met wonderful people to experience it with. Nathalie, Dieter, Etham, old Captain Memmed and of course the special crew. Cornelis said it right, Freedom Management turned out to be the feeling and integrated theme of the week.

Because of Xing and the Events being organised, I met wonderful people. At least three special man, all successful in every way I can imagine. Or no, I could better say, successful in every way they can imagine. They inspired me to Freedom Management. Thank you for giving me another point of view.

The three monkeys apply ;-)

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