donderdag, juli 12, 2007

just another manic monday

normally i have a slow start of the week. with lotsov ® coffee ;) (sound pretty cool thinking about it. focus, edgar! focus, edgar! a hear a little voice telling me right now ;))

anyway: normally i just read, make a little actionplan, set my priorities, check my mail, check sapenda, watch the news. you know, the usual stuff.
but today i had to take off early to the hague, because of the busy day i was facing over there.

me now living @ heijplaat adds a 30 minutes extra to my travelling schedule (but wouldn't miss the place for a day! what a view!).

i had several meetings @ the caballero fabriek with the guys of the bvit innovation network, joep vesters of narfoz and my friends @ winkwaves.

i hoped that i could pop in @ the guerilla store. but they are closed on monday. bummer! it would really top the day off!

shoot! i have to run. gotta catch the bus!

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