vrijdag, mei 25, 2007

Last day @ TGS

Today is my last day @ The Game Syndicate's Gamestore better known as TGS Gamestore.
I had great fun opening up and building one of the biggest online and offline gamestores in the biggest game arena of Holland.
But when I was presented to the opportunity to help our future generations of laborers and/or entrepreneurs train. learn and work in a new kind of envorinment which makes use of serious gaming and eLearning I knew I wanted to do this more than ever.
The Lotsov Skills Centre @ Heijplaat is a special kind of place where we help youngster in the age of 16-26 years to discover their true passion.
On the 1st of June I will start with a special training @ BViT and XLX serious gaming.

The Lotsov Skills Centre will be set up @ Heijplaat in association with BViT, Randstad Holding and the City of Rotterdam.

More news @ LotsovFoundation.nl

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