zondag, februari 11, 2007

and the winner of the endemol pitch is.... US!

i was freeing up some space @ my pc and my eye was caught by this blurry picture.
wat was it? after a close look i saw it was the pic i'd taken of the certificate hanging @ floris' place.

recently floris pitched an idea for a tv show @ endemol. and believe me, it was hard to select one of the many ideas we had at that time ;). floris and i are some sort of tv format factory. all we need: a kitchentable, a nice cigar, some booz and a laptop. and off we go!

this certificate proves that we selected the right one to enter the competition. currently this idea is taken to the next level by floris and the creative people @ endemol. looks like it will be broadcasted 2nd half of 2007 :D

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