dinsdag, januari 09, 2007

iPhone : WOOOOOOOOOOOOW! who's gonna buy me one?

in my attempt to be more interesting to my (future) sponsors i write this post in english...

today is the day (well for us here in holland it is...) apple's steve jobs reveiled the iPhone! what a cute thingy this is...

and when looking closely @ the specs, it is far more than just a gadget....

when i first saw the iPhone

instantly regretted that i orderd the new blackberry. if i only had waited just a little longer. but he! maybe it isn't too late... let's try the 'boris' trick...

(what works for him hopefully works for me too ;O )

so here's the deal; if you buy me an apple iPhone i will add your name + a link to your website under EACH AND EVERY post here @ my weblog. something like:

(posted with the revolutionary apple iPhone, sponsored by lotsov.INFO or vindALLEhuizen.INFO)

deal? no? well does it help to say that within 2 weeks i am a logger @ the new sprout weblog called goodblog.nl and i will add
your name + a link to your website there as well???

fair enough?

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